Friday, April 12, 2013

Build Door Bell Timer with Adjustable Timing Facility

Yes this simple transistor circuit can be used as a home door bell and it’s ON time can be set as preferred by the user, meaning if you wanted that the sound of the bell to remain switched  ON for a particular period of time, you could easily do it just by adjusting the given pot.
The actual tune  is derived from the IC UM66 and the associated components, while all the included transistors along with the relay are configured for producing the time delay for keeping the music switched ON. Link
Parts List
R1, R2,  R4, R5 = 1K
VR1 = 100K,
D1, D2 = 1N4007,
C1, C2 = 100uF/25
T1, T3 = BC547,
T2 = BC557
Z1 = 3V/400mW
Transformer = 0-12V/500mA,
S1 = Bell Push
IC = UM66

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